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EI35 Power Transformer 

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EI transformer, also low power single phase transformer, can transfer AC voltage of 100V, 110V, 120V, 200V, 220V, 230V, 240V to a lower AC voltage. The input of EI Transformer could be provided with single, double or triple voltage winding. Output can be provided from single to several winding. The size of our EI Transformers from EI-28 to EI-114, capacity up to 150W. We can supply EI transformers with both screw mountings and pin dipping types.
This single-phase EI core transformer is widely applied to the little power of DVD, hi-fi stereo, TV, small adaptor, beauty equipment, instruments and Apparatuses equipment, stage light, lighting control circuit, air-conditioning equipment control circuit, medical equipment, monitoring equipment, automation equipment control circuit, machinery and equipment, energy-efficient equipment.
Capacity: 1VA-100VA 
Phase: Single 
Input: AC Power with Voltages of Various Countries 
Output: AC Current, Voltage, According to Customers Requirements 
Frequency: 50-60Hz 
Voltage Regulation: 12%-3% 
Manufacture Standard: GB/T15290-94, GB/19212-2006, GB2828-2829-87 
Insulation Class: B, 130 Celsius Degree; E, 120 Celsius Degree 
Temperature-rise: ≤85 Celsius Degree
a) High efficiency
b) Low heat generation
c) 3 frames or full isolation bobbin
d) The cores are lapped by silicon steel sheet of high - quality and have been treated by insulation 
e) Clean appearance and convenient installation
f) Competitive pricing.